British Vincent Bach Elkhart flute?

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British Vincent Bach Elkhart flute?

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Hello All,
I’ve just stumbled on a quite interesting flute and I’m anxious to see if anyone can provide some history or resources to find out more about this flute. The flute itself is “Elkhart by Vincent Bach Interational” (International? It is literally misspelled in the engraving). It is stamped “silver 925” on each piece and features engraved or chased keys and pointed arms. It’s beautiful. The original owner bought it from someone in England. There is no model number, and I can’t seem to find a serial number for an Elkhart flute even on the UK Conn-Selmer website. I will try to attach some pictures. Any help, leads, or any information about this flute would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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Re: British Vincent Bach Elkhart flute?

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I am more than just suspicious about your flute. As far as I know, Vincent Bach ONLY manufactures brass instruments. I have never seen or heard of a Vincent Bach International flute (with or without the correct spelling). Most likely you have a counterfeit instrument made in Asia. The incorrect spelling is a classic mistake of the Asian manufacturers. No serial number is also common on Asian-made counterfeit instruments. With those flags, I would also be suspicious that it is actually Sterling (925) Silver.
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