Flute Brands and Flutes used on recordings.

Flute History and Instrument Purchase

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Flute Brands and Flutes used on recordings.

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I play several instruments and is classically trained in some of them. I however play and perform in the Fusion/Jazz/ProgressiveRock idiom.

I have a few questions for those members of this Forum about which flutes some of my favorite artists use.

I always prefer to buy very good instruments and dont buy the cheap stuff unless it comes with overwhelming reviews.
Since I am new to flute, I want to buy close to the best I can afford without buying $20,000 faeirie dust, which is unfortunately also happening to some.
So my selection method is to try and get a flute that my players of interest use as I will be sure it suits my taste and level I want to reach.

to prevent argument: In case someone gets annoyed with the content of my post or my methods, Please dont Cuss me out on my methods. That is my preference to approach musical instruments this way. I have never been sorry buying instruments this way and it worked stellar for me my entire career and lifetime.
I am entitled to follow this route as it worked stellar for me for decades. I will NOT buy myself up the tree. A cheap instrument costs you more due to resale value than a good quality more expensive instrument. In fact, all my instruments increased in value. I prefer to play the same instruments as the artists that I respect as it is proven to be good enough for me.

That said, I would really appreciate advice.

Here are some examples:

1) Thijs Van Leer.
I am interested in what he played during the seventies. The sound he got during his Introspection albbums (which were quite frivolous at times) is just spectacular. I still have to hear better sonority. Such a pity he didnt record those albums as straight classical pieces, but rather chose to do a Valdo De Los Rios type of thing.
Here are a few photos of his main flute and I could not figure out what brand or model it is:
1.1 https://s14-eu5.startpage.com/cgi-bin/s ... che=108700
1.2 https://s14-eu5.startpage.com/cgi-bin/s ... che=219299
1.3 https://bbsradio.com/sites/default/file ... nleer2.jpg
1.4 https://img.discogs.com/AL3RPBxbnvsqup0 ... 1.jpeg.jpg

2) Ian Anderson
He describes his flute choice in quite detail and seems to have settled on Pearl 600 series although I dont know which period hee was referring to.
See for example http://jethrotull.com/the-attic/ians-instruments/

Anyone with the same musical taste as I have an idea when Anderson played the Pearl ?

I ask as my wife has a Pearl NC-96B. She is a classical player, but doesnt know anything about the instruments she plays, So I need to know if that is a good flute to start off with in the genre I listed or how it relates to the 600 series. Back in the day the Selmers were the staple of folk musicians so I am not overly amazed that he used Selmer.

I would really appreciate someone fleshing out the history of flutes played by these two artisits.

Thanks in advance

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