Alto Flute and Bass Flute

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Alto Flute and Bass Flute

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I’m doing a flute camp which started yesterday, and I’m going to play bass flute and alto flute for some songs. I played them for the first time yesterday, and I thought that they would be easy to play, but I can’t get anything higher than a C on the staff. We have a concert soon, and I am very nervous about the two pieces where I play these flutes.

I’ve tried changing my embouchure, but I have trouble maintaining it- mostly caused by being distracted and forgetting about it-, especially on alto because I have to play at a faster tempo. I managed to get a Eb on the staff on the bass flute, and a C on the staff for the alto. Any suggestions on how to fix my dilemma?

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Re: Alto Flute and Bass Flute

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Take a look at this link. I think it may help.

Getting Started Playing Alto, Bass, and Contrabass Flutes ... ss-flutes/
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