Help identifying Artley flute model and value.

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Help identifying Artley flute model and value.

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There is an Artley flute at an estate sale in my area. The serial number is 53613. The headjoint has silver stamped on it. Does anyone here know what model it is by looking at the pictures? Any idea what it might be worth? The lady had it for many years and even had new pads put on not too long ago. I stopped playing a year after high school and no longer have a flute, but would like to buy one and start playing again for fun. :D I tried to attach two pictures of the flute for consideration, but I can't figure out how. Maybe someone would help me to do that. Thank you.

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Re: Help identifying Artley flute model and value.

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New members are not initially allowed to post photos. After you have several moderator approved posts, that restriction is automatically lifted.

In the meanwhile, take a look at this thread:

It has a number of photos showing various Artley flutes and you may gain some insights there. Check it out and let us know what you find there.
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