Artley 36-0 in 1978

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Artley 36-0 in 1978

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I recently purchase an Artley 36-0 flute. I thought it is the Wilkins model, but after doing more research, it seems it is not.

My understanding is that before the plant moved to Nogales, AZ, the Wilkins 36-0 has the word "Wilkins" engraved on it, and it has Artley on all HJ, body and foot. These early Wilkins are consider better ones. However, mine has serial number 541xxx which is manufactured in 1978 after the plant is moved to Nogales. It has "Artley USA 36-0" engraved, but not the word "Wilkins".

So, what do you think the differences would be compared to the early ones? Is the design the same? Is it still fair to call it a "Wilkins"? The Wilkins 36-0 was their top of the line product, do you know if the later 36-0 is till their top of the line? How is it compared to the modern student flute such as Yamaha 2xx series?


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Re: Artley 36-0 in 1978

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The ones made in Nogales are stamped "Nogales", (I have one) and are considered inferior. Yours, stamped "U.S.A." was made after they left Nogales and moved back to Elkhart and are presumably better, maybe as good as the earlier Wilkins.

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