Your own Headjoint Adler Wings

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Your own Headjoint Adler Wings

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Having played clarinet and saxophone for more than 30 years, I occasionally encounter adjustment problem when playing flute i.e. the air stream is too wide spreading not focus enough. The Adler Wings headjoint (e.g. Mura, Lafin) may be a good idea but money does matter. So, I came up with the idea to make my own Alder Wings for my two cheap headjoints (Yamaha CY and EC) with very little costs.

The Wings are made of Mouthpiece Cushions for Clarinet/Sax. I prefer thickness 0.8mm from BG because it is more adhesive, so it can be taken out and put back for several times; on the other hand, I found 0.4mm is not secure enough after several blows.

As we are using different headjoints and we have different embouchures, we need to try and find out which shape/size, position and gap between two wings can serve best to us. In fact, you may find out different shape/size/position/gap between two wings may have different results. But, remember, when you need to shape the wings, do not do it when they are on the headjoint; take them out and do the cutting.
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