my flute turns me black.....

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my flute turns me black.....

Post by FluterJenn »

i would suggest using regular cloths (ie. part of
and old, CLEAN, shirt or something) to wipe your flute clean. the chemicals on
the cloth go onto your flute and make your chin black and has more of an effect
when you have makeup on. plus, regular cloths work much better and dont cost
that much!

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my flute turns me black.....

Post by flutietootie85 »

my lesson teacher said you hsould only use the cloth
with the polish on it like every once in awhiel cuz that's what it does. My
friend went crazy with hers when she got her new flute and now that happens to
her everyday. So she has to get it gold plated cuz she can't stop it. So I
suggest just using the unpolished side of the cloth to help stop that
problem..cuz we all know black chins aren't fun..hehe[:bigsmile:]
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