koregelos flutes owners

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koregelos flutes owners

Post by manuel23 »

hi to all,im searching for another koregelos flute owners,so if you are one of them,leave your comment about this specific flute here and tell your opinion.

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Re: koregelos flutes owners

Post by Equisetum »

I have a Koregelos flute and used to recommend them to my students. This was in the days before the good prosumer flutes (in the 2-5000 dollar range now) we can now find existed, and GK told me that he felt that there should be a good handmade (more or less) flute at a more affordable price than Haynes or Powell. Not sure I remember, but I think the solid silver flutes were $1800. The first several were great, but after a while my star student's pads developed chronic stickiness. It turned out the George had been having the pads set in in Mexico and they were spraying the felt with glue (!) which seeped through the pads. House of Woodwind (George Koregelos's store) repadded it free, of course, but I think it kind of killed his flute. Soon after that Haynes came up with a lower-priced flute, excellent Japanese flutes came on the market in the USA, and even Powell seems to have come up with a serious-student model.

My flute just says "Koregelos" on it, and as near as I can remember so did the flutes my students tried out and/or bought. The action is beautiful and mine has been very solid, stays in adjustment very well and pads seat evenly and are well centered over the tone holes.

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Re: koregelos flutes owners

Post by sdfluter »

Hi...I have a Koregelos flute that I bought in the mid-80s. I ordered directly from Mr. Koregelos. He built me a solid silver GK model (top of the line I believe), with inline G and the RF modification, and B-foot. It has been a great instrument and continues to play beautifully these 25+ years later, oh and it looks new still!

I have replaced the headjoint with a Drelinger which really improved low register response. I also have replaced the pads with a gold impregnated set that adds a slight sweetness to the tone.

Overall I'm very happy with this flute and continue to play it almost every day.

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Re: koregelos flutes owners

Post by cbeausang »

I have a Koregelos, Handmade, solid silver, soldered tone-wholes, off-set G, open whole, b foot. It is a great little flute. I used to study with George's daughter, Angela. (Her flute was beautiful!) For some reason, I found it to be a very popular flute among doublers. Maybe because it was reasonably priced for a handmade instrument.
Great flute. I had it overhauled a few years back by Mr. Weissman. But it has been sitting around. I would like to sell it and purchase a traverso flute.

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Re: koregelos flutes owners

Post by Ritafs1 »

I am not a GK flute owner, but I have a beautiful Koregelos head joint with engraved lip plate on my Sankyo. I love this head joint!
I also loved his flutes but I may be partial because he worked closely with my father Ray Fabrizio (a wonderful flutist and great musician) for many years, and I was able to witness the projects they worked on together including the RF modification.
He also made beautiful piccolo pads.

I have fond memories of him and his workmanship.
He was one of my mentors.

Rita Fabrizio

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