Summer Music Camps for Adults

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Summer Music Camps for Adults

Post by DrMalone »

Every year, I explore the summer camps
that are available that might provide a musical "shot in the arm" for me. This
year is no different, but I thought I''d ask this group if they knew of summer
camps that would be either for adults or would include adults. I know of many
that are for students up through college, but few that are oriented to adults.
What camps are you all aware of?

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Summer Music Camps for Adults

Post by krichards »

Where do you live? I know of one, but
it's up here in Canada...Peterborough, Ontario to be exact (a couple hours
outside of Toronto). I've never been, but I hear it's a wonderful experience.
They've changed locations this year, but it's still located in a beautiful
area - on a lake, with lots of trees and fresh air. They offer many outdoor
activities as well for when you need a break from playing. I can get you the
details if you're interested. And don't forget, if you're American, your
dollar goes farther up here. OK, I'm done my plug for Tourism Canada! [;)]

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Summer Music Camps for Adults

Post by embum79 »

You can often find things like that in
Flute Talk magazine. I would love to attend something like that, but
unfortunately they are usually expensive. [:((] I hope you find something that
works for you!

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