What does a microphone input

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What does a microphone input

Post by suhanee »

What does a microphone input for an ordinary microphone look like? I have a Canon ZR90 and I want to plug-in a microphone to the camera but I do not know what a microphone port on a camera looks like. Can somebody tell me?
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Post by fluteguy18 »

Well, it depends really. You have two different sizes of microphone port. I would guess however that it would be a really small port (the other one is a large port). It would look like a headphone jack.

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Post by pied_piper »

Camcorders do not always have microphone jacks. If it does, sometimes the mic jack is underneath of a rubber or plastic cover. Check your owner's manual. If it has a mic jack, the manual should tell you where to find it.
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