Editing Error in Chaminade?

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Editing Error in Chaminade?

Post by Mandera3 »

Can anyone tell me what the notes in the 8th measure of the Chaminade are supposed to be. I have F# E# E# D# D C# A# and F# but I am not sure if there are suppossed to be two E#. It may be right, It just sounds like the second E# should be a E.
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Post by fluteguy18 »

In my edition [G. Schirmer's Flute Music by French Composers], I have F#, E#, E natural, D#, D natural, C#, A#, F#. I believe it is supposed to function as a more elaborate version of measure seven which is chromatic.

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Post by smurph »

Yes I have th same book as the poster above.

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