Haynes Q3 Vs Resona 300 Vs Burkart

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Haynes Q3 Vs Resona 300 Vs Burkart

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I recently had my eye on the Haynes Classic Q3, but this does not not seem to be available in the uk. However, I have always wanted a Burkart. I am an amateur player, and play mostly in concert bands. I currently play on a yamaha 6 series, so the idea of a new flute for me is to have a really nice instrument which is a delight to play. The Haynes is a similar price to the lower end Burkarts, but I also note the Resona 300 range. The specs are very similar to the Haynes and some of the other Burkarts but at an attractive price. So I guess my question is, is there much difference between the Resona and lower end Burkart models?

I know there will be many calls of 'try before you buy', but as I live in the UK I have limited options. To buy any of these instruments means importing them. I am interested in peoples experiences of these instruments.

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Re: Haynes Q3 Vs Resona 300 Vs Burkart

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Are there no stores in the UK where you can go and try flutes in your price range? I've just gone through this process and found it very helpful. It was well worth the trip to try a variety of flutes and find the one that is best for me. Good luck.

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Re: Haynes Q3 Vs Resona 300 Vs Burkart

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In the UK, I've heard that Jonathan Myall ( http://www.justflutes.com/ ) may be an option for you to consider. They carry a full line of flutes from student to professional.
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