Tuning by Ear

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Tuning by Ear

Post by jen24 »

I'm trying to learn how to better tune by ear, any tips?

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Re: Tuning by Ear

Post by m3llophon3 »

Continue to work with a tuner, until you feel you are able to tune it by ear. Test your self by ear tuning, and then testing it with a tuner to see if you are correct.

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Re: Tuning by Ear

Post by Phineas »

This is a loaded question, but here are my 2 pennies....

Play a tone, play a note along side of it. If it sounds good, you are in tune.....simple ...RIGHT?

Yes, it is that simple. In the end, it is all about what sounds good.

There are a lot of factors that effect the pitch you hear....
1. You and the condition of your ears.
2. The environment.
3. Your playing volume.
4. The room.

You have to tune the instrument to the conditions. If I play with a group, I do not use a tuner, I tune to the group. If I pay with a Play-A-Long CD, I tune to the CD. If I play in the studio, I tune to the recording. Etc... Unless I am working on an instrument intonation adjustment, I NEVER use a tuner.

My suggestion is just listen to music, or the TV and start tuning to what you are listening to. When you play with others, have them play a note, try to match it, then ask them if it sounds ok to them. After a while, it will be second nature.


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