Flat trills?

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Flat trills?

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

I was wondering one day during band. . . Are there trills
for flat/sharp notes? And if so...does it go from one flat to the next (i.e
Ab-Bb), or does it go from the flat to the immediate next note (i.e. Ab-B)? I
believe there ARE trills for flats and sharps because I have a piece of music
which is an Ab trill but I don''t know how to trill it and what fingerings to
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Flat trills?

Post by embum79 »

When you are doing trills, just use the next note up in
the scale of the piece you are playing (so you have to figure out what key it's
in). If the composer wants you to trill anything different, they usually print
something next to the trill like a flat sign or a sharp sign. This is telling
you to flat or sharp whatever note you would normally do. Hope this makes

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