i want to play the piccolo

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i want to play the piccolo

Post by tink_732 »

i have ben wanting to play the piccolo for a while now and when i asked my bandirecter he said he didnt know if i could sould i still get one and atleast try to play it or wait till i get a lil older im in 7th gd and 2nd chair out of the 6th 7th& 8th gd flutes as a whole

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Post by lula »

Hi! I'm in my 5th year of band. I'm a freshman. I started playing piccolo this year for marching band. To answer your question no I do not think you should go ahead and get a piccolo. If your band director has a piccolo for you to try out I would go ahead and try it. But no you shouldn't go ahead and get one since he doesn't know if you can play it or not. Hope I helped out!

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Re: i want to play the piccolo

Post by CBayer »

When I wanted to play piccolo, I bought an old Yamaha YPC-32 off of Ebay, for, like, a hundred and fifty dollars. You're the age that I was when I bought mine, and getting the money for it was way hard. I'm sure that you can get an even cheaper one, or rent one from a music store, or even try one at a music store. That's how I decided to become a piccolo player. I saw one under the glass at my local music shop when I was in seventh grade, and I was like, "Ehmagawdd, I HAVE to try and play that thing." Sure enough, with the first couple notes, I was like, "I MUST BECOME A PICCOLO PLAYER." And that's what's happened.

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Re: i want to play the piccolo

Post by lianeandflute »

i don't think there's too much of a question of whether you can actually play it or not, because if you play flute, it's not too hard to adapt to a piccolo. however, as lula said, you should try one before you buy one. just to see what it's like, see if you really like it, etc.
if you want to play piccolo regardless of whether or not you play it in band, then go ahead, but for the love of all that is good, get a good quality one, because a bad one will do you no favours. that way, you can get good at it with no problems from the instrument, and then your band director will probably welcome you as a picc. player!
you don't need your band director's permission to play an instrument, but just bear in mind that you need a good one and you need to try one before you buy one (preferably the same type that you plan to buy…), and your band director may just want to keep you on flute and not worry about a picc. at the moment - but you can still play it outside of band if you want to.

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