Where to go after dropping lessons?

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Where to go after dropping lessons?

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I'm a high school student, and have been learning the flute for more than four years. Despite that, because of my teacher's extremely casual way of teaching, I still feel like I'm stuck at a low intermediate level where I'm uncomfortable with technique. I made the decision to drop classes, so now I feel like I've just jumped into the deep end with no clue where to go from here. I can play basic pieces, but I haven't even gotten my scales down and I can't play anything by memory. Once in a while when I feel motivated, I'll try looking into some of the scale books I have but I really don't know what to do except play what's on the page and move on. I really want to reach a level where I'm confident with my flute abilities overall, and I feel like I actually know what I'm doing. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can format my daily practicing so that I'm actually going somewhere?

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Re: Where to go after dropping lessons?

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Your best bet would be to find another flute teacher that better meshes with your expectations. Check out nearby universities and professional symphonies and find out if they have someone on their staff who offers flute lessons.

Interview more than one teacher and discuss your frustrations. Ask how s/he would do more to challenge your current playing abilities and help you advance to the next level. Pick the one that best matches what you want.
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