Alternate Fingerings, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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Hello good day. I wanted to ask you some questions:
1-How do I have to plan my study time of two hours? (how much time do I dedicate to scales, studies ...) And ... two hours is enough study time?
2-What books and studies are the best to improve techniques in general? (tone, breathing, finger agility ...)
3-They know some online flute course, preferably in Spanish? (I have tried Sir James Galway's but it seemed a bit simple)
Thank you very much for your time.

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Re: Questions

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Practice time depends upon your current skill level and your goals. Two hours might be a bit long for a beginner but not enough for a professional. If you get tired, STOP. In general, I would recommend devoting half your time to scales and exercises and the other half to actual works of music.

Trevor Wye has a good series of books that cover everything from beginner to advanced.

I can't help with an online Spanish flute course.
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