Need tips on picking repertoire

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Need tips on picking repertoire

Post by mariahmae32 »

Hello I need some advice on picking out repertoire for an audition I have coming in February
This is the requirements,
Prepare one (1) standard work for flute such as:
Bach: Sonatas (any)
Mozart: Concerto (G or D)
Any works from the book “Flute Music by French Composers” (ed. by L. Moyse)
Hindemith: Sonata
Poulenc: Sonata
Prepare one (1) work of your choice. May be one movement from a selected piece.

I have some experience with Mozart Concerto G and a few Bach Sonatas that I only really looked at and played down a few times, but I would like some advice on what the difficulty of each the pieces I have to choose from are and what another work would contrast well with certain pieces.

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Re: Need tips on picking repertoire

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Well, you didn't mention what the audition is for, your level of playing, or how much time you have to prepare. Is it for a group, a college? That may influence the choice.

Generally speaking, it's not so much the choice of music as how well you play it. Listen to all of the choices on YouTube and pick one that excites you, that you are capable of playing, and that you will work hard to prepare.
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