Pearl flutes vs Yamaha

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Pearl flutes vs Yamaha

Post by Do0msDay »

I'm thinking to buy my first flute. After looking at several flutes I decided to go for the Pearl Flute - 795 RBE or the Yamaha YFL-472H. I'm not sure which one of the two to go for. Does anyone here have any experience with these flutes which one would you recommand?

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Re: Pearl flutes vs Yamaha

Post by SylvreKat »

I was hoping someone who's played both might reply.

I've never played a Pearl, but my Yami is luscious to play.

Have you played on each model you're considering? If not, I highly recommend doing this. If your local shop doesn't have them, Flute Center in NY will send you trials. I just shipped a pair back for a lady, who told me at one point she had five on trial from them. She found the staff very helpful and knowledgeable and had enjoyed the entire experience. And a friend did the same through Woodwind Brasswind with the same good results.

Once you get them, play the same music on each. LISTEN as well as feel how it plays. One might feel better, the other might sound better. If you have a friend with any flute experience, have him/her also listen for which sounds better "out front". And maybe even have your friend play so you can hear, too. Otherwise, tape yourself so you can hear any differences.

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Re: Pearl flutes vs Yamaha

Post by Phineas »

I have played and have owned multiple models in both brands.

The Pearl 795RBE is a higher level flute than a Yamaha 472. The 472 is a Solid Silver beginner flute. The 795 is more of an Intermediate/Pro level flute and has a better/smoother finger action. Both would be suitable as a first flute but you may get more life out of the Pearl as your playing gets better. FYI if you are going to buy a Yamaha 472, you may as well spend a little more money and get a 574 which is a WAY better Flute.

Either way, neither flute is a bad choice.

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