Trembling Lip

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Trembling Lip

Post by jjjessecj »

Hey everyone,

So I recently got into practicing flute again (after a year off) and have a big audition coming up!
However I've been suffering with my bottom lip trembling and it is impacting my ability to play.
I don't recall suffering with my lips trembling (to this extent at least) when I used to play all the time, aside from when I was extremely nervous.

It doesn't occur all the time: it usual starts happening after I've been playing for a while in one sitting and it most prevalent on my low notes. However sometimes it happens after just a few minutes of playing! (like today)...
Once I play long, low notes it starts coming out and I can literally do nothing to stop it - it sounds like a really bad an uneven vibrato (coming from the most nervous musician).
I try to tense my lower lip but rather than keeping a steady airflow it just makes the vibrato come out with a bad tone.

Has anyone else suffered with this? Is there anything I can do?
Please help!

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Re: Trembling Lip

Post by pied_piper »

Most likely, you are simply experiencing muscle fatigue in your lips. Don't sweat it too much right now. Whenever you notice the trembling begin, take a 10-15 minute break and then go back to playing again. You find that the trembling has subsided and you can play for a while longer. If it still continues, stop for the day. Over time, you will build up the muscle tone again and be able to play for longer periods. It's still a good idea to take regular breaks during practice sessions. When any muscles become overworked, they may exhibit various signs of fatigue. During strenuous gym workouts, it's not unusual for arm or leg muscles to tremble when overworked. Lip muscles are no different than any other.
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