Where does thumb go on C2?

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Where does thumb go on C2?

Post by Lu »

I am finding it uncomfortable when playing C2
because I can''t decide where to put my thumb while not playing the long bar.
Does it just hang in the air, or do I need to rest it on the flute somewhere?
Thank you so very much for this site. I have learned so much already and it is
really well put together. Very professionally done! Thanks again. My daughter is
learning the clarinet - do you know of a similiar site for her? Lu

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Where does thumb go on C2?

Post by damjan »

Dear Lu, The finger should rest just above
the key. Do not try to put it somewhere on the flute - it will create a very bad
habit and incorrect technique! The same is true for all other fingers - when
they are not pressing their respective keys, they should be just above the keys,
as close to the keys as possible (but not touching the keys). In this way, when
they need to play the key, they need to travel only the shortest possible
distance. Best of luck!
Damjan, --- Fluteland.com Teacher

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Where does thumb go on C2?

Post by sweetensour »

i think it depends... if i'm playing a note
where i don't need my thumb and it's for a short period of time, it's just in
the air. but if it's for a prolonged period of time, i rest it somewhere beside
the key.. i dunno if that helped at all, it's kind of hard to explain. =)

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