Trouble from C to D

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Trouble from C to D

Post by crisko »

I am having trouble transitioning between C and D, both ways. I cannot seem to smoothly go between these notes, each time I play C-to-D I move the flute just slightly, but enough to have a noticeably break in the rhythm.

Any tips on how to keep the flute super steady and smooth between C and D?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by fluttiegurl »

Keep your fingers as close as possible to the keys.

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Post by etgohomeok »

Practice doing it over and over again. While you're sitting watching TV, hold the flute (you don't need the headjoint in) and keep moving the fingers off and on. You'll get it eventually.

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Post by fii »

practice is the key :)

i used to have this problem too. but as the time goes by (with a lot of practices definitely) the transition between C-D has been smoother and smoother).

as i remember, that time i tried to make my flute as stable as possible by using the index finger of my left hand. my left index finger pushed the flute up a bit so the flute is firm enough while transitioning.

well, every people is different. try experimenting by yourself. good luck.

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