Trouble with high G# and F#

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Trouble with high G# and F#

Post by Dom »

I just picked up my flute after about 3-4 years of not playing, and while playing about I re-discovered that I have an issue (they 'crack' and I have to blow quite hard/sharp to get them sounding fine, relative to other notes) with the following two notes:

G-sharp and F-sharp, in the third octave up.

1) Is this likely to be an issue with my own playing, an issue with the flute or a mixture of both?

2) What can I do to 'fix' it??

For reference, I'm obviously a bit rusty, but the high F, high G and high A are all fine, so it doesn't seem to be purely an issue of not being competent enough to reach high notes in general!

Using an Altus head with an Azumi AZ3000E body.

Thankyou very much!

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Re: Trouble with high G# and F#

Post by Zevang »

Most probably your flute will really need a revision. After you accomplish that, take some weeks of regular daily long note practice before you blame yourself. Another important thing, in my opinion, should be taking lessons.

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Re: Trouble with high G# and F#

Post by thomas.horter »

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