Simple Flute Songs

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Simple Flute Songs

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Hello everybody! Recently (in fact ,two months ago) I bought a flute as it was a dream of mine for years. Searching the net for videos and guides in general I 've managed to produce good tone (although I know that a pretty solid super tone is some (well many) hours of practicing away). I've been practising some songs I really like ,in order not to get bored of playing longtones all the time (after all music should be fun), but now I think I need some simple flute songs or even parts of songs that are easy to play and therefore I rely on your experience to show me some (possibly the ones you all played when you were like me). Oh and nice to meet you all, since this is my first message/topic. I deeply apologise for any mistakes, I am from Greece and so English is not my mother language.

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Re: Simple Flute Songs

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If you simply want some songs to play, try There is a wide variety of tunes there for everything from simple beginner tunes to more advanced ones.

If you want to improve your playing, you might try the Trevor Wye series of books. Book one is a good start and as you improve, you can move to the next book in the series.
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