Playing in a church orchestra

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Playing in a church orchestra

Post by MvAuMsPrInCeSs06 »

Hey, Umm, I haven't been posting in a while, but I'm back now. Does anyone play in a church orchestra, and if so, what or somethings that you do, like how often is orchestra practice, and are there any beginners are involed in it, and is there any director at all, and how does he or she teach and conduct? Basically, could you describe a church orchestra? Thanks :!:
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Post by pandagirl11 »

I do. =P But I play violin in my orchestra (planning to switch to flute once I learn some more notes). The violin and flute have nearly identical parts so I'd say that the music is fairly simple. Orchestra practices once a week for two hours.

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Post by Dance4Him »

I don't actually play in my church orchestra but I do know a little about it.
They practice once a week and sometimes more if they are planning for a concert ect.. I don't think it would be to hard. Go For it :!: :D :D :D
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Post by FluterJenn »

hi. i play oboe at my church orchestra (just for a change from flute twice a week). Church music is normally fairly simple. If you are playing with the choir singing along, there will probably be alot of sharps. Church has helped me not only on oboe but music in general. I find myself no longer scared to see music in B major. We only practice once a week right after youth group (even though theres only two of us in youth group, everyone else is pretty old) and then some people get to church at 6 am to practice more. Otherwise we just play on Sunday after only one practice.

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Church Orchestra

Post by Ladyflute »

I played in our church's orchestra for over 20 years - a large 40 - 50 piece orchestra, every Sunday, for multiple services. We practiced once a week for two hours - many more for special presentations (Christmas, Easter, ect...). The music covered eveything from traditional hymns, cool jazzy & salsa pieces, to beautiful overtures. It is quite a "lively" church, so the music was challenging and FUN! Lot's of piccolo & flute solos. I LOVED it!! Unfortunately, a new Pastor came in and decided that the orchestra wasn't needed anymore. I miss it terribly!
I adore ministering on my flute - with the orchestra, and solo work. Right now, I only belong to our city's huge Flute Choir ( my classical outlet ) and a smaller "outreach band" that ministers in area churches. We practice twice a month, which is not enough, but all we can manage. The music is difficult - "flaming" piccolo solos (patriotic stuff), and lovely flute lines. It's very, very fun. I encourage you to join ANY church orchestra or worship band that your church offers - even a small one will teach you much! It's a great opportunity to learn to play by ear - I am SO thankful that I was forced to do that! And a chance to learn to improvise on my flute. Hope this helps - blessings....Ladyflute

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