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Life, The Universe, and 42

Post by Becky »

I wonder if you can help me. I have a week and a half till my flute exam, and I'm seriously lacking motivation.
I thought, well, its because I've been preparing the same three pieces for a year. So I played something different.....Didn't work. Still not happy. There seems to be no expression in my music anymore. I don't know whats wrong. I love the flute, I do.
So then I thought, its because I'm not playing with others. Could be. I'm not in any orchestra's or groups. However, I can't join any because in two weeks I move country. And loose my teacher as well. So then I'm completly on my own. And I won't have the language for months, so orchestra's, bands etc will be impossible (to make it worse, they use Do Ray mi, instead of C, D ,E.......uh oh!)
I'm worried I'm going backwards. I don't not like what I hear, I just don't think its as good as it can be.
Practice, oh my gosh practice. I just lack the motivation. I say to myself. For Goodness sake, if you're going to be in the music business you can't carry on like this. You must work for three, four hours a day. This sort of 'slap dash practice' isn't doing you any good. But I can't find it in me. Please help.

Becky x

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Post by nicki_flute »

Do you mind asking where you are moving to? I can't help with the do, re, me system, but it sounds pretty tough. Perhaps you could buy a book about it and read up before you get there. Oh, also buy some books on speaking the language.

If I am lacking motivation, I listen to CDs of various flute players and their quality of sound, articulation etc will inspire me to make me try and play like them.

For the exam I would still play your exam pieces but make practice time more fun with some jazzy pieces or pieces that take your fancy. I had an audition on Monday and I played lots 2 days before, a tiny bit the day before and on the day I didn't play the pieces. I think it works because if you warm up with your pieces and make a mistake, you'll think of it when you are playing it for the real thing.

I would try to get into a group or orchestra, but it sounds like it is going to be tough.

Yes, it is true that professionals practice for hours. They are paid to perform. I try and do 1-2 hours a day, but not all at once. I split it up, have breaks in between. I work on tone/technical excercies for 20-30 minutes, scales for 20-30 minutes and pieces for however long they take. If you feel practice isn't going well just take a break and come back to it. If not you could just make the 'problem' worse (for instance a certain scale you are struggling with).

Hope this helps, if you want to talk then just PM me :D

- Nicki

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Post by Kendall »

That happens to me a lot. I usually scare myself into practicing. I say "I'm not going to make first chair so why aren't I practicing." That doesn't always work though. Usually I get over it in about a week. Sorry if that doesn't help


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Post by pandagirl11 »

Do Re actually just another way of saying C, D, E. =P

Do = C
Re = D
Mi = E
Fa = F
So = G
La = A
Ti = B

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