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Msic Stands.

Post by Becky »

Is it just me, or does anyone else find music stands to be I''m 5 foot 10, and I always have to look down at the
music, even when my stand is stretched to it limit! Does anyone know where I can
get a really tall music stand, so I can have a nice straight back, chin nice and
high etc, as sometimes I think it affects my playing! Bear in mind though, I
live in the UK, and ones I find, only transport to areas in the Us. [:(] Thanks
in advance, Becky x
hee!!! Look at the pic! I love that image, it cracks me up every

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Msic Stands.

Post by noseflute »

Hey there... have you tried Just Flutes? also, you might find it useful to step back a little more
from the music stand, and tilt it upwards a little. Then it won't need to be so
high. Good luck! P.S. I'm 5'9, so I know how you feel!!

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Msic Stands.

Post by whsmusicguy05 »

hehehe... I havea little crappy stand that barely gets
very tall at all, and I'm 6'3"... i normally put it on top of something to
make it taller[:bigsmile:]

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