This song?

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This song?

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

Has anyone ever heard of or played this song? Allegretto
Grazioso from Sonata "La Persane" Composed by: Philbert de Lavigne I''d like
to know what level it is (I''m playing it now) because I don''t know if
it''s "hard" enough for me to play it as a solo at school next year. I''ve
almost got it down but I''m playing it kinda slow so it''ll still be a
challenge. BTW: It''s a really cool and catchy song for any one interested!
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This song?

Post by embum79 »

I've never heard of the piece, but I'm just curious as to
what the "levels" thing is??? I've taken private lessons since 10th grade (now
age 24), and I've never heard my teachers refer to pieces as being a certain
level. Does it really matter what "level" it is? If it seems challenging for
you, then it is probably appropriate.. that's what matters, not whatever label
is placed on it (in my humble opinion anyway.....).

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