Help with audition pieces.

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flautist blackie
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Help with audition pieces.

Post by flautist blackie »

I''m thinking of auditioning for the Youth
Concert Orchestra. I need help with the audition pieces. These ones below are a
taste of the level required. Concertos: Mozart; Quantz- G Major; Chaminade- D
Major; Telemann- f minor; Marcello- c minor or d minor; Haydn- C Major Pieces;
G.F. Handel- Sonatas These are probably all above my current playing level, but
I probably have more chance with this orchestra than any other one (plus I have
the whole summer to practice). Also, I am also auditioning on piccolo. Any
suggestions for audition pieces on piccolo would be helpful. I need two
contrasting pieces for each instrument. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Help with audition pieces.

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

I'm not so much help as far as pieces go
but I can say that if you're used to playing in a band and not an orchestra,
your tone and sound is going to have to be altered. Orchestra's sound much
different from bands (duh, lol). Orchestra's are much softer and it takes 7
orchestra instruments to equal one band instrument (even for flute and piccolo).
Make sure your sound isn't to over powering. Hope I helped (in SOME way [;)] )
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Help with audition pieces.

Post by embum79 »

I tend to disagree with the last poster.
Yes, orchestras sound different from bands. But your flute playing should be no
different in that you still have to have a good ear and adjust your dynamics
accordingly. If you are in a band, it is the same way. A good musician not only
hears themselves, but their relationship to the rest of the group. In an
orchestra, sometimes you will be loud, sometimes you will be soft--depending on
the piece, the size of the different sections, the director's interpretation,
the style of the principle flutist, and so on. As far as your audition goes, you
are trying to show the director your range of abilities. Don't be afraid to
play loudly where you should. And then of course play softly where you should.
This shows the director that you are able to adjust your sound and see the
different nuances in the music. One time I did an audition on piccolo, and I
used Telemann's Sonata in F major. It's not a piece for piccolo, but it can be
easily adapted for piccolo. I wish I had more suggestions for you.. good luck
with your search for a piece.

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Help with audition pieces.

Post by ick27 »

It's worth learning those pieces
(especially the mozart concertos,) and I'm sure you'll have fun with it.
Considering the pieces you've listed for flute, I'd say the Vivaldi piccolo
concertos would be THE pieces to use for your piccolo audition.

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