Step up?

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Step up?

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

At about what level or years of flute playing do you think is
appropriate to move up to a more advanced flute. The next flute I''m planning
on getting is going to have open holes, B foot and (possibly) a solid silver lip
plate. The problem is I don''t know WHEN I should get it. Should I get it high
school year? Or somewhere during high school? Or even right now? I''ve been
playing the flute for about 2 years (but I am with the level of my peers who
have been playing for 3.5 years). What do you all think? [8)]
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Step up?

Post by embum79 »

The general rule of thumb I have lived by is to look for a new
flute when I feel I have reached a "plateau" with my playing.. wherein if I play
a better flute, I sound better. (I think if you are a bad player anyway, a
better flute won't make up for it). How I figure out when I've hit the plateau
is when I am practicing just as much as I ever was, but I don't seem to be
getting better, or things just seem to be "stuck".. I get frustrated. It's like
I'm fighting with my flute to make a better sound (rather than fighting with
myself to make the flute sound good). Does that make sense? Hope it helps.

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