Equal Opportunity Moderation! - Please Read

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Equal Opportunity Moderation! - Please Read

Post by Phineas »


I would just like to respond to a few emails, and messages complaining about the over aggressive moderation on the board, or at least my point of view. (This will be a temporary sticky until all of the moderators put in their input,)

Over the last couple of years, spam has gotten fierce. So much so the owner of the board had to up grade software. Even still, it would not be unusual to come on here first thing in the morning and see 50+ spam messages plastered all over the board. What is even worse is when some of these posters even throw some adult material into the mix (with pictures). This is a family board, and such activities cannot be tolerated. This is why I volunteered to be a moderator. I cannot speak for the other moderators, but here are a few things I look for when I remove a post or ban a user.

1. Excessive multiple posting of the same message. This is the most common abuse.

2. Posting advertisements of non-music/flute related material. Especially new members.

3. Nudity

4. In appropriate language.

5. Hiding unrelated advertisements in vague message posts. Example the message say "Hi, I am new here" but the texts likes to a sight selling non-related items.

There are more things, but these are the top 5.

Again, I can only speak for myself. I an not here to censor anything. Just keep things in line and on topic so the board can be enjoyed by everyone. After all this is a FLUTE board! Right?

Feel free to contact me with your concerns. If you feel like your post got removed in error, please contact me, or any of the moderators and explain your intentions. I am sure, things will be straightened out.

Thank you for reading!


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Re: Equal Opportunity Moderation! - Please Read

Post by Classitar »

Well put Phineas!

Personally, I would like to apologize if I have deleted any posts or banned any innocent members.

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Re: Equal Opportunity Moderation! - Please Read

Post by pied_piper »

I wholeheartedly agree with Phineas. The only posts that I delete are those which contain blatant spam or content which is likely to offend most of our members. Most recently, I've deleted messages full of links to webs sites devoted to the sale of sneakers, electronics, and other non-flute merchandise. I've also edited a few messages to remove non-flute links when it appears that the link was the real intent of the message.

If anyone feels that this is not reasonable moderation, I would welcome other opinions and suggested guidelines for the moderators to follow.
"Never give a flute player a screwdriver."

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Re: Equal Opportunity Moderation! - Please Read

Post by Sparklingorion »

Hi all, I'm totally new to this website and its forum. If you do not include the "stalking" this forum for a few days as a non-member. :-P
Thanks to the moderators for a job well done and providing tips related to flute playing and getting an instrument. I think this forum has been rather healthy and we need to reach out to more flute players out there coz it seems like a rather small community compared to other instruments? Pardon me if I'm wrong as I'm totally new to this instrument (flute).

In the meantime, keep up the good work moderators! Look forward to learning more about flute from you guys. ;-)

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Re: Equal Opportunity Moderation! - Please Read

Post by Silversorcerer »

All things in moderation, and most particularly moderation.

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