Musical Career?

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Musical Career?

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

For some of the fluter players of the younger
generation. . . Do you ever aspire to have a musical career? For example
performing for a living or becoming a band director? Or repairing instruments or
composing music. I myself might want to consider becoming a band director though
the whole career thing is still a mystery. I''ve narrowed down 5 jobs I could
see myself doing and band director is one of them. I wouldn''t want to perform
music for my career because I don''t think it is a job one can really grow
from not to mention the pressure. I don''t like the fact that if you mess up
more than about twice your fired. A career I could see myself doing is being a
dancer. Yes this isn''t exactly musical in a instrumental sense but it is the
musical career I would most like to have. The problem is that professional dance
jobs don''t come often and can hardly be relied on... Back the the point. .
.would you ever consider having a musical career? Or do you think your skills as
a musician will just be a hobby and nothing more?
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Musical Career?

Post by embum79 »

I *once* wanted to have a music career.. but knew I
could not be a band director. I really wanted to perform.. but for various
reasons changed my major in college. Now I am working in human services and
getting my masters in counseling, but I still do think about switching back to
music. I always think of my former flute teacher who kept switching back between
medical school and music school. She wasn't afraid to keep questioning herself
and going for her dreams, even if they were different. I may eventually someday
make music a bigger part of my life, but for right now it's "just" a hobby. The
next thing I want to do is teach private lessons.. and maybe play in some kind
of performance group.. but unfortunately there aren't many of those in my town.
So I guess the moral of my story is that you can still continue to make flute
part of your life, even if you choose a different career path.

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