Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by Kim »

I was reading an old thread
about Mikayla being forced to play the flute. I read where at least one person
was assigned the flute also. I remember when I started playing the flute..we
were able to try 3 instruments and then choose the one that we wanted to play.
Actually I had chosen clarinet but ended up being persuaded to take the flute
instead. When my daughter started band 3 years ago...the kids could try up to 3
instruments that they were interested in. They then had to list their top 3
choices. Of course some kids were asked if they would be interested in playing
there 2nd choice in order to keep the band balanced but for the most part most
kids were able to play their 1st choice. I would have to imagine that practicing
could be a huge chore if you are playing an instrument that you someone else
chose for you. So....I was wondering how many of you had flute as your first
choice? How many of you had someone tell you that you should play the flute or
had someone chose the flute for you ? Kim
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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

For our school
system, 4th grade students are allowed to pick 3 instruments (from band or
orchestra) that they are interested in playing. They get to try playing
instrument to see how it feels. The following instruments were the ones that I
had to choose between becuz I wasn't allowed to play something that we don't
already own: cornet sax clarinet violin I chose the saxphone. . . Later I
decided I would like to play the flute on the side so I was bought one. I
decided I liked the flute much better than the saxophone and switched to the
flute as my main instrument
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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by embum79 »

When I was in
elementary school.. kids could play whatever they wanted.. however there were
limited school instruments, so most of us had to have our own instruments. My
mom had an old flute, so I just took it. [:)] Luckily I liked it, so it

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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by krichards »

The flute was
absolutely my first choice. For us, instrumental music was offered at school
starting in grade 7. In grade 6, the local high school band came to our school,
played for us and introduced us to each of the instruments they played. Each
instrument had a little solo. That was the first time I really remember being
aware of what a flute sounded like. I fell in love. In grade 7, when it was time
to choose, the teacher asked who wanted to play the flute. No one put up their
hand (imagine that!!). I hate to say it, but I caved into peer pressure, and
didn't put up my hand either. After all the other instruments had been
assigned, he came back to the flutes and said, "OK, SOMEONE has to play the
flute". So, I put up my hand. I wonder where I'd be now if I'd chosen the
trumpet or something. Wonder if I'd still be playing? I still can't believe my
hand didn't shoot straight up into the air when he asked who wanted to play
flute. Peer pressure is a powerful force when you're 12 I guess. The bigger
question is, why didn't anyone else want to play the flute?? [;)]

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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by flautist blackie »

year ago, they had me choose 3 instruments to try out like you said. I had
trumpet as my first choice (always wanted to play brass), then clarinet, then
flute. Couldn't get a sound out of a trumpet mouthpiece, and i only got squeaks
on a clarinet, but i got a good tone out of flute. So they assigned me flute.
But you know how it is when you first get your instrument. I was so excited i
didnt even care.
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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by Katie1089 »

I first chose the
clarinet because all my friends were playing it. Then I became fantasized with
the flute and switched. I don't regret the decision at all.

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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by flutietootie4lyfe »

You are all so
lucky to get many choices. We start in fourth grade. We had the choice of Flute,
Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, or Drums. If you played one of them you had to
"rent to buy" your instrument. Unless you played drums then you just purchased
drum sticks and a REMO drum pad. If you took piano or guitar lessons outside of
school you could play a bass guitar (of your own) or a keyboard (usually
belonging to the elementary school). Then you could switch in fifth grade if you
really wanted to, but only to another one of those instruments. In sixth grade
you can switch from those instruments to school-owened instruments such as tuba,
bass or alto clarinet, tenor or bari sax, euphonium, and french horn. Nobody
really switches though. In highschool there aren't many more choices but the
high school has a great music program. Your so lucky....
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Was the flute your choice or was it chosen for you ?

Post by Louisa »

When I was about 8
or 9 years old, I remember seeing Sir James Galway on television. It was then I
fell in love with the flute! I started to learn the descant recorder at school,
after a year I progressed onto the treble and sopranino recorders. Finally, when
I was 12 and at secondary school I borrowed a school flute and started to learn!
My parents eventually bought me my own flute when I could prove to them it
wasn't a passing phase and that I was serious about it.[:)]

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