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Re: newbie here

Post by Gocatdave »

Thanks, Pied Piper! The flute arrived and I love it. It is an open holed flute and I caused quite a debate on Facebook when I asked about how soon I should pull the plugs. Lots of different opinions. Ultimately, I decided to just pull them all and force myself to get used to all of the open holes from the start. My teacher agreed that this was the way to go. So now I am off to the races. :D

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Re: newbie here

Post by Daisy221 »

Hello there! I am from Alabama and i want to learn flute :)

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Re: newbie here

Post by accidentalflutist »

Another newcomer to the Boehm system -- I already play (not professionally, just as an amateur) a 6-key conical which I love to bits and decided that it might be fun to try a Boehm as well because of the higher range. (I can only get up to about the range of a middling Baroque flute on my conical, so two octaves above the low D and a note or two beyond.) My 6-key is a Copley D in Delrin, and my new Boehm is a Viento 208 plateau-key -- less than half the cost of my Copley so a nice, simple student model.

I greatly prefer the more meaty sound of the conical flute but am curious as to how far I can push the Boehm one into a more raucous sound once I get used to it. The bore seems to make it easier to get up high but a little harder to get a thick, dark sound out of the low end. Also, the fingering seems to make flat keys easier, and I love the long G# lever and the fact that I can get a Bb with my bottom hand. It's hard at this early stage to tell whether I like the conical better because I actually like it better or because I just know how to play it better. It should be fun to explore and see what happens.

I also play piano and pedal harp, like to compose and arrange, and especially like Baroque and Romantic music and opera tunes. Nice to meet you all -- now I'm off to read up and look around. :-)

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Re: newbie here

Post by Soupy1957 »

At 62, my first transverse flute ended up being an Armstrong, Student C, from a local guy who had a woodwind business, who gave me a great deal!

I agree with one of the first topic responders, who suggested Yamaha.” Ad a guitar player of over 50 years, and a variety of other seems to be true across many genres, that Yamaha produces “workhorse” instruments, for the general populace.



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Re: newbie here

Post by keep.calm »

Hi everyone, my name is Gwen! I'm newbie, i play flute only about 2 months, and i happy to swell the ranks of flute-players :D
My little brother Sam is only 14 years old, and he is about to join us too. He knew that i started flute not so long time ago and he also knew that i'd learnt only one tune. When i played to him he said that he wanted to play flute too :lol: , and asked me to gift him a flute for his b-day :) Insofar as i dunno which flute i should buy, i want your advice! I didn't know open holes or close holes flute should i take, but my teacher said that it would be better to choose close holes flute, because my brother is quite young, and his fingers are small, and it could be more difficult to play.
I found one interesting review, there i chose 2 flutes, and my teacher also recommended me one, and here we go!
Help me to choose out of 3:
1. Gemeinhardt 2BLK - teacher's advice (he said that he would buy this one, but i want some more opinions)
2. Selmer Prelude FL711 this one has been designed for smaller hands, and in my case, it's good.
3. Kaizer FLT-1500NK this one is cheaper twice, and may be it would be better to take this one, if there is no big difference. Because if he like playing flute, we'll buy expensive and good one next year. Otherwise, we won't loose much money.
Money is not the main criteria, but it's also important one, because i'm student :roll: :)
Help, please!

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Re: newbie here

Post by pied_piper »

I've never heard the website you are referencing. Anyone can setup a website and call themselves "experts" and make product recommendations. Unfortunately, there is no way to be assured that a website such as this is providing unbiased reviews of products. Sometimes, when a company wants to promote a product, they start a new website that purports to have an "expert" panel that has reviewed a bunch of products. The typical scheme is to review a few more expensive brand names as the top one or two, but then slip in their own product they end up covertly recommending their own products because they say it is good but half the price of the others. I can't say for sure that is what is happening at this website however Gemeinhardt and Selmer are both longtime, reputable flute makers. There are many other big, brand name flutes, but I have never heard of a Kaizer flute and I doubt that any other flutist here has heard of it either.

I suggest you visit the Fluteland FAQ for straight information about buying a flute. The FAQ was written jointly by a number of Fluteland members who are longtime flutists that have nothing to gain by promoting a certain brand. The FAQ lists a number of reputable brands and flute stores and it is up to you to read and choose.

Here is a link to the FAQ:
"Never give a flute player a screwdriver."

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Re: newbie here

Post by Music Lover »

I agree.

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Re: newbie here

Post by Gordon Shumway »

Hi, my name is Andrew from London.
I played the oboe a lot in the 70s. For 3 years now my main instrument has been the violin, but I've been wanting a flute since about 1980, and I finally bought one last year, lol! I mainly play classical, but I've also got some books of folk music and Chinese music for flute, and I like to use it for meditation when I'm tired after playing the violin. I've got an Eastar EFL1 and a Yamaha YFL372H.

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