intro yourself and your accomplishments

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intro yourself and your accomplishments

Post by porschia28 »

Hello everyone. Just posting to
try to get a chance to know everyone. I live in jersey and what i''ve
accomplished is in my signature thingy.

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intro yourself and your accomplishments

Post by dancingflutist3000 »

I've previously played the
alto saxophone for two years and have been playing the flute for almost two
years. As for accomplishments, I haven't gotten much of a music career to get
any! But I did get two 1st places at my school's solo and ensemble contest (one
for my solo and the other for my duet)
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intro yourself and your accomplishments

Post by PiccChic06 »

I'm 16 years old and in 10th
grade. I've been playing for 7 years. I have 2nd chair in school band. I've
also been to county band, district band (4th chair) and i'm going to region
band in 2 days [:)]
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intro yourself and your accomplishments

Post by AG950Flute »

My greatest accomplishment is I
recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of
Music with a Bachelor of Music degree (in flute performance, but I think that
might be obvious)!! YEAH! [:)] So along those lines I also just finished my
senior flute recital, and finished auditioning for 8 grad schools. So, now I
just have to wait and see where I get accepted, which if I survive the waiting
process that will be my next big accomplishment. [;)] Although I did receive my
first acceptance letter to University of Maryland a week ago where they only had
one opening for grad! [:)]

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intro yourself and your accomplishments

Post by FluteDiddy »

Congrats Courtney, wonderful
accomplishments. Have you done any research into what percentage of college
flute performance grads that actually end up playing for a living? It would be
interesting to know what the future holds. Did you feel like you had to go to
grad school to get a good shot at an orchestra job or are you doing it because
you want the experience and improvement that grad school offers? my
accomplishment is dating the first chair all region ;-)
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