Creativity Block

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Creativity Block

Post by Docslingerland »

Any tips on how to avert creative block? Practicing while tired, or while knowing I only have very small amount of time. I am trying to bring back some skills from years ago when I played every day at band rehearsals and gigs. I need toget my chops together in short order after having not playing for years. I also will need to get my drumming chops in order.
Any tips on achieving and maintaining inspiration even when life is ultra hectic and the days are incredibly long. Maybe you can tell me about your views on practice discipline. :|


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Re: Creativity Block

Post by Arlee »

Hrm... I am sad to say when I am feeling burntout/overloade etc, I usually take a day or two break from whatever I am working on. Spend sometime revisiting old things that I love playing or sometimes I even need a few days off. From conversations with other people it apparently is odd, but every now and again I'll get a week where my playing is awful, so I'll stop for a day or two. Then when I go back to playing again I sound much better than I had before the slump. For me it feels like my brain just needs time to digest everything i am throwing at it.

I don't know about maintaining focus when you are trying to regain skills rapidly. I haven't really had any kind of luck with that sort of thing. Gaining/regaining skills has always been a longer process which always seems to take whatever time it is going to take and to heck with anything I might be trying to do to speed it up lol. Good luck though :) Maybe someone else here might be able to help you more.

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Re: Creativity Block

Post by fluteguy18 »

If you don't want to practice, and don't have a genuine NEED to practice, then don't. If you are struggling to stay motivated, then take a break. I've learned this the hard way. I've been through all of the crazy stuff like work, family, school, concerts, gigs, early morning lessons, early EARLY morning practice sessions preceded by late night ones where I almost slept in the practice rooms over night, and the list goes on....

Do you know what happens then? Music stops being fun. It becomes something you do simply because you are good at it. It becomes your job. I'm not entirely sure what you were asking for in your post, but I'm just warning you. I love music. I love the flute. But in complete and blunt honesty... over the past year I have officially burnt out. I no longer want to make a living as a full time flutist. To me, it's not worth it anymore.

So don't push if you're feeling blocked. It will clear away in its own time.

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