Senior Clinic?

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Senior Clinic?

Post by lula »

I sent in my audition fee the other day for senior clinic. I didn't really feel like I had time to decide if I wanted to do clinic or not. My flute teacher said I needed to, my band director said I had to, and my parents said they would be dissapointed if I didn't. Why is it that my own opinion doesn't matter in all of this? I do not feel prepared at all. I have 9 out of my 12 scales memorized and my prepared piece doesn't sound all that great; the only thing I have going for me is my Chromatic. The clinic is January the 8th and I'm dreading it. I don't feel ready and I know that the people trying out will be amazing (as usual). I believe the reason that I'm not really trying to get ready for this clinic is because I feel like I'm being pressured into going and I don't want to. I'm absolutely positive that I won't make it and I know I'll be letting people down. Wouldn't it be easier if I just dropped out and didn't go?

Lula :cry:

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Re: Senior Clinic?

Post by Arlee »

In my experience parents and teachers tend to push really hard like that because they are looking out for what they consider your best interests are and they probably realize your heart isn't into it atm and just don't want you to regret not doing it later.

In high school I was in a vary similar situation in that people were always pushing me to do more than I felt I could and I just didn't practice or do anything because I felt, mutch like you, that I was being forced. It wasn't until during my senior year after I had a bit of an accident and as a result I couldn't/didn't play for almost 10 years that I realized what playing meant to me. Sure I regret not putting more into it back then because I would have been MUCH further along before the accident and maybe not quite so hesitant to to start back up. But that time is something I honestly needed.

If you feel like you can I would suggest having a talk with your parents. Make sure you communicate with them that you know they are just looking out for you, but that you just don't feel up to going. Also, it might do you some good to sit and think about things and make sure the reason you are hesitant about doing it is just because you are feeling forced or if there are any other reasons. Also make sure you personally will be ok with yourself for not going. It's hard to let people who care about you down, but you have to be able to make your own decisions and live with the consequences (good or bad).

I hope that was somewhat helpful. :)

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Re: Senior Clinic?

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Parents and teachers have a tendency to push students in an unhealthy way at times.

I have a handful of students I teach once a week-- two of them are old enough to audition for all-district band this year. One of my students is very talented, while the other struggles to get through her solo. I know from being an auditionee myself that neither of my students will make the cut this year (they take 6 out of 200 that audition).

The thing that you have to realize is unless you're a prodigy you will have a very hard time making these bands, even if you can get through your solo flawlessly. You should try to embrace the opportunity to grow as a musician, not shy away from it because you are not as good as the other players. Challenging yourself will only benefit you in the long run. Don't compare your playing to others: merely reflect on your own personal growth and learn to set goals for yourself so you will do better next time. :)

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