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Post by andreamc97 »

I started out on a student Yamaha. Three years later upgraded to a 481II Yamaha, which was way too soon but the student model was rented so when the contract came up my parents offered to get me a new flute. And really, what 13 year old would say no to a new flute? ;)

I am currently a college sophomore majoring in flute performance and in the process of purchasing a new flute. So far, it looks like it'll be the Muramatsu DS. :D

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Post by juneroses »

Trevor James Master Series II. It's solid silver throughout. Point-arms. Gizmo key, c sharp trill key, and open hole. It's really quite lovely. I love it lots.

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Post by Band_Geek »

I have a silver-plated Armstrong flute and a silver-plated Grand piccolo.

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Post by FruityFlutie »

I started out on a Gemeinhardt student (beginner) level rental flute- tried 5 different brand names. For my third recital, my parents bought me a brand new, beautiful Gemeinhardt intermediate flute. Solid silver body with a gold-plated embouchure, french (open-holed) keys, and a b-foot lever.

It's so gorgeous! And that's what I've been playing for the past 4 years. :)

My piccolo is yamaha brand with the black rather than the silver. It's not as pretty as the silver ones, but it does the job! And it's not as delicate, so it's better for marching. :D

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Post by Doubler »

I actually double on flute (hence my screenname, this is my first post on here) and a guy that fixed my sax up (D# key was sticking badly) took old instruments like really beat up and unplayable, made them like new and sold them for like 100 bucks. So that's where my flute came from- my beloved W.T. Armstrong. Still not good enough to be playing an open holed. :oops:
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Post by ange_gurl »

I recently bought a Yamaha 574H it has an offset g split E (which i love by the way) and a b foot joint, open-holed. I just upgraded from a Yamaha student model.

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Post by CaperFlutist »

I started on student yamaha, went to yamaha 481 and now play on a Powell solid silver with white gold springs, inline, b foot non mechanical split e with a Q headjoint. I love it.

I also have a wood yamaha piccolo

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H. Blanchard
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what kind of flute

Post by H. Blanchard »

I have a gemeinhardt 2SP closed hole flute. I'm hoping that I can soon get a open holed flute because I really need one.

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Post by bemyhero »

gemeinhardt 50 series

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Post by band_orchestra_geek »

i have a jupiter 711rbs... solid silver throughout, open hole, b foot, inline g... etc.. i luv it!!
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Post by Phineas »

Here is an update on my ever changing flute collection!

The main ones I play on are.
Buffet/Crampton international model SS head SP body/Openhole/Bfoot

Pearl Quantz 665 SS head/Silver Aloy Body/Open Hole/Bfoot(New)

Armstrong 210 Piccolo SS/Gold Plated LP and Keys(New)

Melody(Chinese Yamaha Copy) SP/closedhole/C Foot

Barrington 996 Piccolo SP Head/Composite body

Honorable mentions
Haynes Standard(1980)(Great headjoint!)
Selmer PC300 Composite Piccolo(New)
3Venus Piccolos(Blue, Green, Purple) Play good, but disposable.
2Hawk Flutes(Black, Blue)Better that expected, need minor adjustment.
Jinyin SP/ClosedHole(Up and comming world class chinese flute maker thinking seriously about buying one of their higher end instruments!)

If you think that is alot, I dont need to list my guitar collection..lol


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Post by Jessika »

I play a Miyazawa, I'm not sure what number, all I know is it's a pro model, open hole, in-line G, B foot. I got it used so it was pretty cheap, but in amazing condition. I was so lucky. It's an amazing flute and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

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Post by Jamie_Babie »

i just started playing the flute on the 3rd january. i went and got a pearl 501e as a christmas/birthday present.

(i might not have a lesson for a while though :( we just had a fire at our school and can't get into music :( at least my flute wasn't in there)

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