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Post by dancingflutist3000 »

As much as I like to believe stereo types on musicians
aren''t true, the musicians in my band continue to show other wise. Like the
saxophones in our band: I''m always like, do you ever shut up? And I like
music and I like the sax as much as the next person but, immediately after band
instead of putting their instument away like everyone else they play this little
round of a song. Like the alto sax plays this little tune, then the tenor, then
bari. What''s worse, it''s the same song everytime. In October it was cute,
now it''s January and it''s FAR from cute, it''s just annoying, lol. Also,
maybe the saxophone is just a natually loud instrument, but it doesn''t help
matters if one doesn''t even attempt to be quiet when they don''t have the
melody. I''m not talking about all saxophones but. . . I don''t no, does
anyone else have a particular problem with a certain section in your band?
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Post by minsmusic »

ooh dear[:((] Not a little jealous of the 'bonding' they
obviously have amongst themselves? You have a few options. Pack up and leave
FAST. Tolerate it - they're having fun, what do you care. Request a new song
from them. Go right over to them, with your flute and 'jam' along - that'll
shut 'em up[:devil:] As for your question, I've known a few saxophonists. One
is a huge show off. One is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. Saxophones
are loud, huh? you know what they say. If you can't beat 'em, join them. Ask
one of them to teach you so you can be loud and annoy everyone else too. And
then teach them lots of different songs. [:bigsmile:]
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Post by Goddess of Flute »

lol- dont like saxes, eh? My band director is a sax, so i
guess i have a certain tolerance toward them. [:p] But i too play sax- i can see
how it can get annyoing though. Personally, i find the trumpet section annoying-
but thats jsut me. They have an overwhelming superiority complex.
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Post by Goddess of Flute »

ah, i posted twice. :::Smacks her head against the
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Post by flutietootie85 »

i find trumpets more annoying too..ours are like nazis
during marching season acting like they're all good, when they cant hold a
note..then in concetr band they're even I guess they kinda like to
talk trash a lot. I was at district band auditions and saxes were walkign around
the library together playing little songs, but I thought it was cool cuz my
friend and I were pretending to be in a jazz club..haha
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Post by tubbycub »

Oh my goodness! How can you say such things about sax
players? My primary instrument is the alto sax and due to my "high" respect for
flutists, I am beginning to learn the flute. Didn't know that sax players can
be so annoying to other people [:((] Anyway, it can be fun to see the cringe on
other people's faces when we, the sax players, practice altissimos and
overtones during band breaks [:knockout:]

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Post by JTF »

my main instrument is bari sax, and i can say that if a sax section knows that what they do pisses ppl off, they will probably continue it, instead of stopping. In fact, if you go up and ask them to stop, theyll prolly just laugh at you, then keep on doing it. just dont worry about it, and it wont bother you.
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Post by Claiken »

doesnt bother me.... but my best friend is a bari sax player so im kinda biased

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Post by seldomseen »

Sounds like they're jamming. Most sax players I know would rather jam than eat. But since I'm such a jammin' fool myself, I'd more than likely have a seat with them, take a turn, have a little fun, and show 'em something (maybe an improvisational free-fall?) And if it's the same song they've been noodling with since October, it's not like I'd be totally unfamiliar with the material, right?

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Post by biggzh »

ahhh, just get one of those titanium flutes..... (we can all see where this is going so I'll be quiet now)

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Post by Symphony »

Im actually taking up the alto sax this summer - I think any section can be equally annoying to others. For me, its the trumpets - they never shut up, ever!
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Post by Picc_Chick »

lol Personwise, yes, most trumpets around my school can be a bit... *thinks of decent word to use* Stuck up at times. Most annoying for me to listen to would have to be the oboe. *shivers* A good player sounds great, but around here, you're screwed. I know, I sat by one this past concert season. Two words; Fire wood :twisted:
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Post by Claiken »

^trumpets have to be though, if their not their bells are down & their sound doesnt project. trumpet is a very directional instrument

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Post by band_geek13 »

:evil: oh god i know how it brother is an alto sax player...dear god i dunno how many times i have woken up to him blasting on that thing!i like the sax and jazz and the whole bit....but when its 7 in the morning they need to shut up! and at camp our sax section had a huge problem of always playing to loud...we had a lot of saxes there thats prolly why....yes sax is a very loud instrument and can get annoying when ya live with a sax player....

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Post by musician_Lauren »

Hey whats wrong with saxophones. I play saxophone and you saying we are all show offs ? fine be like that

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