compare pro flute brand names

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compare pro flute brand names

Post by Sharon »

I'm going to buy my first professional class flute. I am trying to find comparisons between brand names. Right now I have seen a Gemeinhardt 3SHB and 3 Amadeus's. Comments? Wondering about Eastman, Armstrong, or others. Want silver head joint and body, open hole, B & gizmo, not inline G. Any input would be helpful. Thanks. :roll:
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Post by pied_piper »

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Re: compare pro flute brand names

Post by Emmyflute »

Hi, I am not sure what your budget is. I would strongly recommend the Haynes q3 flute. I got to play one with a c trill key, and a gold riser. I was very impressed!!! I have played that flute 3 times and listened to my recordings of myself. I think that flute gets a great sound and is very responsive. Our local music store was selling that flute for 4800 dollars. I just loved it! Good luck to you.

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Re: compare pro flute brand names

Post by cflutist »

When I saw this thread's title I thought you were asking about brands such as Brannen, Burkart, Powell, Haynes, Nagahara and the like :D

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Re: compare pro flute brand names

Post by fluteguy18 »

That's what I thought too. Genuine top notch flutes. All of those mentioned are in some way or another 'dolled up' intermediate flutes. If you want a true step up in quality you have to step into the world of flutes that are dubbed 'handmade' (whatever that means these days).

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