Versatile Musicians, anyone?

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Versatile Musicians, anyone?

Post by remnantpark »

A long time since I've been on this forum. lol

Anyone who plays another instrument proficiently besides the flute?

I played the piano since I was 5...and still playing! :) It's tough to play both instruments competitively! What annoys me is that I'd see flute music and say, "This is a piece of cake." But then I realize I'm playing the flute, not the piano.

And it was not until I switched to a good flute teacher that I realized my hand positioning/technique was a "bit" off...I assumed that you play w/ the finger tips on the flute too (LOL) b/c it's an essential for that w/ the piano. I also get annoyed b/c I like it when my pinkies are "standing" w/ their tips strong...completely different story with the flute. Nevertheless...:)

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Post by Phineas »

I plyed Cello/Bass forst, then Guitar, then Flute. My main 2 instruments are Guitar and Flute these days, but Saxophone is slowly catching up.

I can relate to what you are talking about. I look at a piece and say how easy it is, but I have to rethink on which instrument. Especially on Sax. I discovered that there are certain tunes/songs that cater more to one instrument more than another. For example, Charlie Parker tunes!
Charlie Parker was an alto sax player. Therefore, all of the tunes he wrote are most easily played on an alto sax. They can be played on other instruments, but not nearly as easily. Or when I try to play a flute tune on soprano sax. There is just not that range for it. Jeff Lorber is another example. If you play a melody from one of his tunes on a piano, they are relatively simple. However, on a horn or guitar, his melodies are quite complex.

I just take it all in stride. The experience of playing multiple instruments has made me a better player on all of them.


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Post by Bo »

Apart from the flute, I play the piano (my first instrument), classical guitar, the pan flute and the ukulele (not much, just for fun).

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Post by pied_piper »

Flute, Sax, Clarinet, Recorder, Tin Whistle, Misc. Percussion
"Never give a flute player a screwdriver."

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Post by fluteguy18 »

Flute (and picc/alto/bass), harp (which is a TOTALLY different beast let me tell you!), a bit of piano and then folk/ethnic flutes.

Ethnic Flutes:
Soprano/Alto recorder
Native American Indian flute
Celtic Flute (in D)
Penny Whistles (high and low)

In the next week or so I will start learning the panpipes and the Japanese Shakuhachi.

The flutes are all pretty similar to be honest in terms of playing technique. I play enough piano that I can jump in last second at my church and bang out a few hymns if need be (although it may sound like I'm playing with mittens on! Haha!). Harp however is a beastly instrument. It's big, it's heavy, and the technique is treacherous. I have at least hit a point where I can do some light gigging (weddings, dinner parties, art galleries, charity events etc.) but no orchestral work. I don't have that sort of finger dexterity yet. But I can play a pretty mean Mendelssohn Wedding Recessional! (Which is not easy believe me!)

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Post by Bo »

The harp has always been on my wish list!! But I couldn't find any in my local shop. The lute is also on my wish list. Both times when I asked they looked at me in a very strange (almost offensive) way... :(

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Post by Wicked Good »

Clarinet's my main instrument (Bb/A/C/Eb/bass), as well as saxophone (soprano/alto/C-melody/tenor/baritone).

Flute's kind of my 3rd wheel, and I'd like to start playing piccolo a bit, too.

But what I really want to someday learn is, the highland bagpipes. Kinda speaks to me deep down, maybe due to my heritage. :twisted:

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Versatile Musicians, anyone?

Post by Woodwind Guy »

I'm usually in the pit orchestras in the town I'm from, so since it's woodwinds all the time, I specialize in flute/picc, recorders( sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor), clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe, and saxophones. I also play piano, but have not had as many calls to play it as of lately.

I have also done shows with alto flute and have played English horn, but I don't own either yet. I also played Contra-alto clarinet at college this past semester, and that was a blast haha. My focus as of now is to play professionally in pit orchestras on Broadway... but semipro gigs are so much fun too :D
Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Saxes, Recorders, and Piano

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Post by JButky »

I've played quite a few things professionally. I spent many many years in theaters as a woodwind guy which included everything from piccolo to bari sax, oboe, english horn Eb clarinet, flutes, bassoon, pretty much the whole family of woodwinds. Played in a few orchestras and 3-4 seasons with the opera. Played Lead Tenor in a number of Big Bands for many years when I was younger including a brief weekend tour with one famous one. :lol:

I do a lot of Piano, Keyboard, Organ and Vocal currently (I was a finalist at a major Cathedral job a few years back..) I have even been an accompanist at NFA. Lots of Theater too, as Piano or synth guy.

I also do the ethnic flute and drums gig. I own about 20 ethnic flutes, Ocarinas, Pan pipes, Whistles, Shakuhachi, etc and on the drums side I've do a lot of Djembe, Dumbek, Talking Drum, and mucho miscallaneous percussion. (done some hand drumming gigs with John Marshall (currently touring with one of the Cirque du Soleil groups)

Have done Brass, I'm particularly fond of Euphonium where most of my playing was done, but can do Trombone and Tuba if need be..Also have done a few String Bass gigs in a Jug Band. Those were fun..

So I've done a lot..I'm tired just thinking about it...
Joe B

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Post by beelady »

Wow Joe! Have you ever thought of composing and/or conducting? Knowing all of these instruments... maybe learning some stringed instruments and you would be a shoe in for a conductor.

Piano and flute are my main instruments. I actually teach piano as my occupation. But I'm also playing flute in a trio professionally.

I can play other woodwinds but not anywhere near as well as the flute.

A little bit of guitar. Some violin.

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Post by JButky »

beelady wrote:Have you ever thought of composing and/or conducting?
Have done both. Most of my compositions are for Choir or Choir/Brass/Organ.

Conducted many years ago.
Joe B

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Post by SaxyShanny »

I am a reggae saxophonist and I just very recently picked up my flute again after a very long absence. I have a Yamaha 684H with the EC headjoint and have had a heck of a time trying to play it! I believe it was the headjoint that had been attributing to my slow progress with tone etc. I am just now getting my embouchure right and the notes are becoming more silky every time I practice yay! :)


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Post by Mark »

Ethnic flutes:
Native American

Concert flute:
relegated to my Gemmy for the time being

Soprano... Belcrest
C-Melody... Coutier
Tenor... Kauf stencil line
Bari... Buescher 400. ( my main axe and little friend :) )
So many instruments.... so little time.... :)

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