Curved head joint - any disadvantages?

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Curved head joint - any disadvantages?

Post by RoseRodent »

I am considering (among other things) a flute with 2 headjoint choices.Why would I do this as an adult? Well, I am disabled and holding a flute up doesn't really suit me that well any more, I have to use my arms to hold my body up if I don't wear a body harness, and being off-balance like this pulls my whole body over the side of the chair. Having the flute body in closer to me would be really helpful to allow me to play a bit longer. I was just wondering if there are big disadvantages to the curved head, particularly in terms of having to change techniques if I want to swap back and forth, to practice run things through on the curved version and then play them again on the straight head, will I have wasted my time practicing on a different head?


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Post by Zevang »

You would not waste your time, at all.
Accoustically speaking, there is no big noticeable difference between these two types.
Just consider buying a curved headjoint that is not so different from the one you're used to. I mean in terms of the design of the embouchure hole and other building "mysteries" kept secret by the technicians, mostly inside of the lip plate.
There are though adjustments you may have to do concerning the position of your hands, the way you must hold the flute and also the way you should assemble the instrument to meet your needs. The curved headjoint gives you many possibilities, since you may put it almost in any position. There is of course the best position with which you will be more confortable, and that's the one you will use always. You'll have only to search a little bit to find it.
Good luck! :-)

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Post by c_otter »

If you are more comfortable, you'll be able to play longer.

Also, they do make headjoints which allow you to hold the flute vertically. On the downside, they are quite pricey.

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Post by cflutist »

I think Jupiter makes a flute with a curved headjoint that only goes down to a D (marketed for young students) ... well at least I've seen ads for it in the past in Flute Talk.

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