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Hey just looking for some feedback on my jazz solos its all improv so yeah any info would be great.


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the biggest thing I noticed is that your timing is off. I don't know if that's you or the drummer, but you need to stay with him. Staying in the "body" of the beat makes it sound very professional and very fun. Also work on hitting guidetones (the 3rd and 7th of the chord). This just sounds "right". The solo I'd really like to show you of mine is too long for youtube (its 13 minutes) but here's one that is okay. Don't just listen to my solo either--everyone is this group is a great soloist and this honestly wasn't my best work by a long shot. Another thing to work on is arpeggiating chords. That will help you find the best notes to use.


Good luck! Your off to a great start.
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