Silver plated or nickel plated ?

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Silver plated or nickel plated ?

Post by gerardo1000 »

Hi. I'd like to buy my first flute and I noticed that the Gemeinhardt 2SP and the Gemeinhardt 2NP have the same price, although the first is silver plated and the second is nickel plated.
Can you give me any suggestion/recommendation ? Thanks !

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Post by fluteguy18 »

There's not really a difference. It's just cosmetic. Most people would get the silver plated. As far as student model instruments, for some reason I have always liked the nickel plated ones slightly better. For some reason they just "feel" better to me. But then again, the nickel plated flutes I have played were Armstrongs and Artleys [Both of which are companies whose student model instruments I REALLY like] and where completely different models unto themselves. But if given the choice between two identical flutes except for the plating... I don't know what I would do. But, considering mere cosmetics here, the silver probably won't tarnish/oxidize as fast as the nickel.

It's really your choice right now. Since it is virtually the same model, there won't be a big difference.

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Post by Fleming »

If you're allergic to either silver or nickel, that makes your choice for you. And if you're allergic to both, you need to consider other options, like gold plating (which can be done by a repair shop if necessary).

In terms of maintenance and appearance, nickel is easier to maintain, but silver tends to look better given nickel's tendency to get cloudy where you touch it. If you live on the coast, nickel will suffer the salty air much better than silver will.

Concerning playability, some people say that nickel has a brighter sound (though I don't believe plating makes much of a difference) and nickel is relatively slippery. You'll probably find that it's easier to hold onto the flute and keep your embouchure position with less effort on a silver plated flute than a nickel plated flute.

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