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Hello, I have the opportunity to buy a ‘Steriing Foreign’ flute for my daughter. This brand is marked on the mouthpiece. I can’t find any information online. It looks to be in good condition (I’m not a flautist). Could anyone give me information on this brand? I can’t find anything online. Many thanks in advance, Claire.

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Re: Steriing

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The fact that you can't find any information online about this flute should be a BIG clue to avoid it. I've played for more than 40 years and have never heard of that brand. Parts for that brand will be non-existent and many flute repair shops will likely refuse to work on it for that reason. Look for well known brands - Yamaha, Jupiter, Pearl, Gemeinhardt, Trevor James, Di Zhao, Azumi, Muramatsu, Miyazawa, and others. Buy from a reputable music store and be wary of online recommendations from people "claiming" to be experts.

See the Fluteland Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page here for guidance on buying a flute. A list of reputable flute stores is listed there.
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