student with off center embouchure

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student with off center embouchure

Post by beedle »

hi all , I am not teaching all that long , just doing a bit part time ,so have not run into this situation before :
and adult woman , has played off and on over the years and has a decent if not perfect tone , all good except her embouchure is a little to the left of centre and it is not looking too well shaped!
as I say she has good tone and we have tried to center it and she loses her tone.
she says she cannot play with a centered embouchure and is happy to leave it so.
maybe her muscles / lips are built his way!?
should we worry about this at all , i suppose i wonder if her imperfect embouchure will prevent her from getting a better tone.

any help much appreciated.

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Post by etgohomeok »

I play like that too. My old flute teacher told me to stop doing it.

I'm not taking lessons from her anymore.


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Post by flutegeek1992 »

check out this video

not everyone has a centered embouchure
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Post by fluteguy18 »

If she gets a good tone, and her flexibility is good, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I myself play with a slightly off-center embouchure. A lot of time when people play with off-center embouchures, it is because their lips are not perfectly symmetrical. I know that when I noticed mine was off center, I examined my lips in the mirror for over an hour [from every different angle]. With mine, one side is slightly fuller than the other on the top lip, and the opposite is true on the lower lip [opposite side is fuller]. It is very minimal and you wouldn't notice unless you REALLY took a CLOSE look. What I end up doing is that I ultimately bring the fullest parts closer together, and even things out.

So, if she gets a good tone, and is flexible, I wouldn't worry about it. Have her take a good look at her lips, and see if it is something like miniscule differences in proportion of the lips.

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Post by jb »

thanks all , we had a look today , her lips are regular , but teeth not, possibly one side of upper teeth pushing upper lip out. and we have decided to leave all as is!

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