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Flute Sheet Music

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As a rookie, I’m learning new things every day. That’s just the way life goes, right?!
I could point you in the direction of videos on YouTube that I’m putting in to my account periodically, to show how I’m progressing. However this posting in the forum is not about that.
Something that you all probably have realized for some time and I’m only now discovering, is that when you go out to buy sheet music for the flute, there is quite often the sheet music for the piece itself, and they will also include a separate set of sheets for the same song or songs, that is for the flute part, so that it is readable.
My wife who is a professional flute player, had ordered some James Galway music from a very typical source, also considered reputable for the most part.
She had ordered a book called “the James Galway collection; a series of 18 pieces.” (ISBN 978-1-4234-8297-0).
So far, we’ve ended up having to go back-and-forth with the publisher extensively, having reported that we received sheet music that did not have the separate flute part sheets. The publisher acknowledges that there never was any flute part sheets produced with that book, which surprised us.
So this entry into this post is to let y’all know that if you order that book you’re not going to get the Flute part like you might’ve anticipated or have received with other sheet music you’ve bought before.
We wrote to James Galloway although admittedly we understand that he probably will never see our website entry directed to him, because we figured he probably would like his name associated with quality material and not inferior material.
Further we intend to send back the sheet music because it’s of no use to us if we’re trying to learn the pieces and the flute part is so tiny on the page. Yes, it’s there, but it’s not in a separate booklet form and it’s so small there is no way you could use it for performance without having memorized the peace and not needing to be dependent on the sheet music.
So that’s my rant for today……

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