What flute?

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What flute?

Post by Saxy_ginge »

Evening girls and guys, this thread is gpi g to sound a little stupid but bare with me lol

OK so I have been a sax player for many years, decided to take up the flute as well, so I have a beginner trevor james which has served me very well but I'm now looking to upgrade to something a little more suited to the style I would like to play, which is where my thread comes in.

I'm not really sure the classification of the genra but the I ly way I can describe it would be elven music played on a wooden flute, Google has not helped me in the slightest, anything from flutes with just holes to wooden body's and metal keys.

Can anyone throw some light on what type of flute would best fit this style of music (if you also have a better description of the style or a more accurate one that would also help lol)

Maybe a few links and some names and modles?

Much appreciated for reading guys and Thank you in advance for any help :)

As an addition, this is the sound I'm. Looking for https://youtu.be/5oJw0uYp5_o

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Re: What flute?

Post by pied_piper »

Well, I started as a sax player too and I now have a variety of flutes and its cousins. I listened to the YouTube link and I'm fairly certain that is actually a soprano recorder. Recorders are what is known as a fipple flute. Here's an example of medieval music on a recorder.


Recorders are available in plastic or wood. Wood recorders are more expensive. I'd suggest a plastic one to start. You can always get a wood one later if you want, but there is very little difference in the sound. I have a Yamaha plastic recorder that I have played for 30+ years and it sounds great. They are under $10.

https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-YRS-24B-P ... B00EJF5Y26

Let us know if that's the sound you want... :D
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