Briolette Brand Piccolo

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Briolette Brand Piccolo

Post by joyfulpicc »

I came across a Briolette Piccolo and I am searching on the web for any info about its origins. Does anybody have some suggestions of gems of knowledge about this? I'd appreciate the info. Thanks. :roll:

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Re: Briolette Brand Piccolo

Post by Joeyrodd »

I purchased one during my first semester of college back in 1995. My flute instructor had several demos she was trying out and I tried it out. I liked the way it played. It was just as good as my Seaman and Haynes. I have since lost it but I actually think it was stolen by a crack head friend of my roommate. I never knew much about it other than the label had "Briolette San Antonio Tx". I live in San Antonio now and cannot find anything on it.

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Re: Briolette Brand Piccolo

Post by JButky »

Briolette was distributed by Orpheus Music (no longer in business). It was a house brand, I don't remember the factory of origin, probably China, possibly Taiwan.
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Re: Briolette Brand Piccolo

Post by cecilschick »

Yes Briolette piccolos were distributed/sold by Orpheus Music in San Antonio but Orpheus commissioned Hardy Piccolos to make piccolos for them so they named them Briolette and the name Briolette IS owned by Orpheus Music but they were made by Hardy. A flutist I’ve played alongside with worked at Orpheus & she heard me talking about how much I loved my Briolette but didn’t know much about them so she filled me in!

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