Hi!! Newbie with a Couple Questions.

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Hi!! Newbie with a Couple Questions.

Post by FlyingBandetta »

My name is Emi, and I’ve been playing for four years. But recently (actually, yesterday), my Section Leader noticed I hold my flute/have weird technique. I hold my fingers over the keys, rather than bending them so they’re hovering over them (I had a really bad teacher when I learned). But... I have been doing it this way for FOUR years. And my SL suggests I try and change it, since I won’t be able to play faster songs...

Any suggestions from others who have learned the same and had to change?

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Re: Hi!! Newbie with a Couple Questions.

Post by SylvreKat »

Hi Emi, and welcome.

My only thought for changing is to go slow and really REALLY concentrate on what you're doing with your fingers. Maybe just start with scales. Focus on curling your fingers rather than holding them up. Each time you lift a finger, focus on keeping it bent. It'll probably be pretty mentally exhausting at first, and you might only last for a short time. But just like anything, keep at it.

Once you seem to be consistent with scales, and esp once you don't seem to need to focus so intently on bending, then go to actual songs. Again, I'd start with slower songs and work towards faster. If you can video yourself, or esp your fingers, then do that. Then you can see exactly what your fingers are doing.

You'll eventually change the habit, esp since you're willing to change.

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Re: Hi!! Newbie with a Couple Questions.

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One of the things which might be helpful is to spend some time playing while watching your fingers in a mirror. The visualization will help cement proper finger placement into your technique. Also, work to keep your finger tips in contact with the indentations on the keys. Take is slow at first to build new muscle memory.

I hope this helps.

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